Property management

Property management

Do you own property? Would you like to have it managed?

Gerofinance-Dunand | Régie de la Couronne | Régie du Rhône have been among the pioneering real estate brands offering their services throughout French-speaking Switzerland for over 130 years. Their roles are to manage, preserve, and optimise a building’s value through technical, administrative, and financial management for private or professional clients.

The group's expansion and territorial distribution has offered its clients an in-depth understanding of local markets. By developing a high-performance network, the group's companies offer winning synergies thanks to the expertise and complementarity of each partner entity.

Depending on the nature of the mandate, Gerofinance-Dunand | Régie de la Couronne | Régie du Rhône brings together the best experts to offer a skills "hub" formed by these three players at its core.

Gerofinance-Dunand | Régie du Rhône

Gerofinance-Dunand | Régie du Rhône


Nine million rental properties
2,700 buildings under management
450 condominiums under management
345 employees
45,000 managed rental units
10,000 lots in managed PPE (joint property ownership)
19 agencies

Their jobs

Their jobs

Home and commercial management
Condominium administration
1st showcasing (rental)
Student residences

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