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Getaways : Open seas

City Tour Sion
Lands where nature dictates the rules, where fauna, flora and the seasons naturally harmonise. But humans, by nature, are curious. Constantly driven by our desire for knowledge, we explore. And with that thrill of discovery, comes magic.
All aboard for exceptional expedition cruising, blending sustainability, technology and sophistication.

The number of companies offering such voyages can be counted on one hand. However, two in particular stand out – Silversea and Ponant – as ’leaders in luxury cruising’, offering exclusive destinations, some of which have never before been explored by humans. MSC is also entering this fast-growing niche market this year with its Explora Journeys brand, along the same lines of offering a truly exceptional experience to discerning travellers who appreciate every detail on board and want to go to places that were previously hard to reach... or even unreachable.