Notre histoire

Notre histoire

When it linked its destiny to the Gerofinance-Dunand l Régie de la Couronne I Régie du Rhône Group, BARNES became one of Switzerland's leading real estate brokers. Its 24 agencies and more than 50 employees ensure an exceptional quality of service, thereby responding to the expectations of a local and international clientele. 

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Notre histoire

Notre histoire

A meeting of minds and a merging of histories. By joining forces with the Gerofinance-Dunand l Régie de la Couronne I Régie du Rhône group in 2012, BARNES gained the benefit of over 130 years of experience from one of the oldest real estate asset managers in Switzerland and its full range of services, from sales, construction and development, to rentals, purchases and property management. With 507 employees, the group is one of the largest in the country. Focusing on all types of transactions, BARNES Suisses SA became its sole brokerage company in 2020.

Jerôme Félicité, President of the Gerofinance-Dunand l Régie de la Couronne I Régie du Rhône Group, has always considered BARNES a name he wanted to be associated with. “We were looking for a solid company with an international reputation that would give us access to a network likely to bring in premium quality customers. Meeting BARNES was an instant success, not only because it enjoys an unrivalled reputation in the high-end real estate market, but because it also shares our values and vision, those of true real estate professionals.”

A shared passion for excellence is what drives this union between BARNES and Gerofinance-Dunand l Régie de la Couronne I Régie du Rhône. For both companies, building quality client relationships and maintaining impeccable service are imperative to the success of a transaction.

BARNES in Switzerland

Since 2012, BARNES has established itself as a reference point in high-end real estate transactions. Its dynamic growth in Switzerland testifies to its high standards of quality. As many as 24 agencies staffed by 50 brokers are committed to providing a consistently outstanding service. In 2020, two new Barnes agencies will be opened, one in Neuchâtel and the other in the Zermatt resort.
Property owners seeking top-quality service can rely on BARNES for the sale of all types of property.
In the coming years, the German-speaking part of Switzerland will also see a large number of agency openings through BARNES Swiss Licensing, which was founded in 2016 to develop the brand and network in other parts of Switzerland. It has acquired the Master Licence for Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

A strong international presence

Founded over 20 years ago by Heidi Barnes and chaired by Thibault de Saint Vincent, BARNES is now a leading international player in high-end residential real estate, established in the world’s most popular cities and top holiday destinations.

Facts and Figures

Our prestige brand


  • 4.9 billion euros of real estate sold worldwide
  • 39,700 properties in portfolio
  • 160,000 buyers
  • 90 national and international offices
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The Gerofinance-Dunand l Régie de la Couronne | Régie du Rhône Group

  • 507 employees
  • 930 million (Rental statement)
  • 2,700 Rental properties under management
  • 450 PPE under management - 10,000 lots in PPE
  • 750 million in transactions - around 650 sales per year
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BARNES in Switzerland

  • National presence
  • 19 Agencies
  • 50 brokers
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The Group's partner companies

  • Having grown steadily and built up a network of companies with expertise in certain specific real estate segments, the Gerofinance-Dunand | Régie de la Couronne | Régie du Rhône Group is now one of the largest real estate groups in Switzerland.
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